Storage vessels/tanks are simple vessels used for storing liquids, solutions or pharmaceutical raw material and other chemicals. These general purpose vessels made of stainless steel, fibre glass, titanium, galvanised steel etc. are used by a number of industries to store various substances and solutions.

The substance contained and the industrial application of the pressure vessels determines design components as vessel material, size, shape, temperature and pressure level.

The wall thickness of the vessel determines the application and the use of the vessel, while single wall storage vessels can be used for general applications, double walls vessels are generally used for high pressure considerations.

We at Mathesis Engineers, take precautions when creating a pressure vessel to limit the occurrence of vessel failure. We strictly adhere to the Pressure Vessel Code Standards, ASME code , Section 8, Div 1, and cGMP Standards while design, construction, testing and Inspection.

We manufactured equipment Under reputed Third Party Inspection Agencies like Lloyds, Tata Inspections, TUV Inspections, Ideal Quality Engineers India Ltd.

Types of Reactors

  • Pressure Vessels to Codes
  • Storage Tanks and Receivers
  • Pyrophoric Chemical Storage Vessels
  • API Tanks
  • Cryogenic Storage vessels