A chemical reactor is any type of vessel used in transforming raw materials to desired products. The vessels themselves can be simple mixing tanks or complex flow reactors.

In all cases, a reactor must provide enough time for chemical reaction to take place.

Each process requires a different type of reactor.

There are two general types of reactions that happen in chemical processing plants.

  • Homogenous Catalysis (Reactant and Catalyst in the same phase)
  • Heterogeneous Catalysis (Reactant and Catalyst in different phases)

In chemical kinetics, reactions are classified through their rate and mechanisms with the aid of catalysts, which describe how the reaction is happening.

The catalyst is an additive in the chemical process that increases the rate of reaction without reacting with any reactants.

Selecting the type of reactor for a specific product depends on the expected outcome of the reaction mass.

As well, operating conditions like pressure, temperature, and mixing speeds become crucial to ensuring the process runs as efficiently as possible.

Types of Reactors

  • Batch Reactor
  • Continuous - Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor
  • Tubular Reactor
  • Catalytic Reactor (Fixed and Fluidized Bed)

We offer Reactor Design & Manufacturing for various process
requirements like :

  • High Pressure Reactions
  • Stirred and Non Stirred High Pressure Reactions

To our clients in Pharma API, Chemical, AgroChemicals, Fertilizer Industry.

We have manufactured & commissioned several Mixers and Reactors in last 4 Decades to our Clients in Pharma API , Chemical, AgroChemicals, Fertilizer Industry.

  • Mixing Vessels for different duty conditions
  • Reaction Kettles upto 20KL.
  • Auto Claves/Hydrogenators upto 40Kg/cm2(Design Pressure).
  • Gas/Liquid Mixers with different types of mixing.Gas Induction Configurations.
  • Hydrogenators using Jet loop and Gas Induction agitator.
  • cGMP Reactors
  • Catalyst Reactors
  • Powder Mixers(Ribbon Type)